Justin and Liz Ford
  Justin has a BFA in Graphic Design from Maryville University. While studying at Maryville, Justin found a passion for photography and worked as an apprentice for Matthew O'Shea. In 2004, shortly after his own wedding, Justin began photographing weddings with his wife Liz. Today, Justin is a production designer for Nestle Purina, and Liz is a software engineer at UGS. Photography is their weekend recreational activity together. They love to take their cameras everywhere from local city parks to backcountry wilderness trails (View their Non-Wedding Related Portfolio Here). They enjoy shooting weddings together as a married couple because it gives them a chance to connect with their subject (the bride and groom) to capture the love and joy of the day. To ensure that each bride receives the personal attention she deserves availability is limited.
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Justin and Liz specialize in digital photography to maximize the use of Justin's degree in Graphic Design.  Each photograph can be altered with numerous effects to make the final image unforgettable.  The best examples of the digital editing can be found in the Montage Albums